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With our online school store, easily raise funds for your school without having to deal with the hassles of bulk ordering.


raise more money with your own online school store

We handle it all - designing the store for you, processing orders, handling payments, and shipping products. All you have to do is encourage your community to buy and watch the dollars roll in!

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Why Use an Online Store?


Fast, Easy Setup

Our team designs, builds, and manages your store at no cost.


Zero Inventory Risk

No more bulk ordering. We ship you the exact amount that was purchased. 


Flexible Pricing

You control how much you profit by setting your own pricing. 


Easy Online Payment

No collections! All payments are handled online through credit card processing.


Financial Reporting

We’ll send a daily sales report to your “store manager.”


Sliding Profit Scale

The more items you sell, the higher profit percentage you make. 

What People Are Saying

“This process has been so easy and fun. The best part is we don’t have to deal with inventory or payment processing. Booster did it all. And with the increased sales, we were able to profit more and use that money to purchase some really nice teacher gifts for our teachers.”
-Cheryl Baker
PTA Member, State Bridge Crossing Elementary


Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the Benefit of Setting Up a School Store?

Setting up a school store is the easiest way to profit from spirit wear. Instead of wasting hundreds of hours tallying sizes, ordering in bulk, and handling cash payments, we do basically everything for you— we’ll build your store for you, upload your designs, process your orders, and ship your items straight to your school. It’s that easy!

How Much Control Will I Have Over the Look of My Store?

As much as you’d like! We can add custom colors, backgrounds, school logos, etc.

How Much Work Will I Have to Do?

Very little! Your friendly Spirit-Wear Consultant will help make the process as easy as possible. All we ask you to do is promote your store to your school community and distribute items to the appropriate classrooms when they arrive. We’ll take care of the rest!

How Much Does a Store Cost?

Again, very little! Every order has a 6.4% processing fee, but your consultant will help factor that into the price you set for your items. That way, it won’t be an issue when it comes to fundraising

How Will We Get Paid?

After all the orders come in, we’ll send your school a check for the profits of your store (with the cost of your order already taken out). This allows you the convenience of not having to send in a check to pay for your order. We’ll be sending a check to you!

How Much Will We Profit Per Item?

It depends on how many items you sell! See the chart below for a brief outline of our profit scale.

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All Orders Backed by Our "Make it right" Guarantee

Not satisfied with your spirit wear order? No matter what happens, we promise we'll do everything we can to make it right.