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Our Team


booster spirit wear team

We believe that ordering spirit wear should be fun and simple, so we are committed to making sure that your experience is easy and your order exceeds expectations. This is the team to deliver outrageously good client care.

Pete Lovelace

General Manager

Got ordained on the internet (like Joey from Friends) and has officiated 2 weddings.

Mallory Keller

Director Sales & Marketing

Loves fish tacos, skydiving, and the proper use of the Oxford comma.

Brian Mallory

Client Care Manager

Is a University of Tennessee fan (yes, one of the obnoxious kind!).

Hollie Thomas

Spirit Wear Consultant

Wishes our tagline was spirit wear with hair.

Megan Yandow

Spirit Wear Consultant

Has way too many animals, some of which include snakes, chameleons, and alligators. 

Emily Dempsey

Spirit Wear Consultant

Was obsessed with cabbage as a child. Seriously, obsessed.

Natasha Cook

Spirit Wear Consultant

Her right foot is a whole size bigger than her left foot.

Niki Suber

Spirit Wear Consultant

Was a radio DJ in college and had her own cooking show about the best restaurants and food in Athens, GA.

Lexie Mckelvey

Spirit Wear Consultant

Has hiked in and out of the Grand Canyon and once styled Usher for the Super Bowl!

Cecily Mead

Spirit Wear Consultant

Is usually talking about her cat, Eleanor, or her love for Madewell clothing.

Ryan Teti

Spirit Wear Consultant

His perfect day: wake up, work out, eat, work out, eat, hang out with his wife, and wrestle with his son. Repeat.